Ruins of Streets of Stone

Turn 30

“Witch hunters? What is that? Some kind of occult organisation? Anyway I hope we wont check every version, yeah?” asks Korbin.
“Well,” begins the copper, “Every once in awhile some sleepers somehow manage to find out about us. And as you imagine a lot of the time they’re not too happy. Especially the ones with a religious bent. Not a big problem usually, except that for some reason, when there’s one there’s usually more than one. And the fact that they can see through our magic and don’t just forget can be a problem.”

Tatterdemalion looks around suspiciously as if they’re being watched when they mention the suspect talking to someone, like he could suddenly see the person. “So are people offing us during amature dramatics?” he asks scratching at his face under the bandages. Tattderdemalion moves up and motions as if he wants to be given the gun for a closer look. The officer holds it out for him to see. Everyone feels a sense of magic go off and Virgil pulls the gun back quickly.
“What the hell did you just do?” he growls.

Turn 29

Korbin checks everybody’s reaction, and if nobody interupts him, tell the ‘obvious’: “Are we in the deep shit concerning the fact the gun have magic on it?”
“Maybe,” the cop says. “It’s definitely not good because it means he’s more than just some crazy.”
“Hey,” Daedalus speaks up, “He was talking to, I dunno, someone in the church there. Like he was praying or something. Some sort of patron maybe?”
“Right,” says the officer, “You didn’t see the person he was talking to, then? Could he have actually been praying? Maybe he’s one of those damn ‘witch hunters.’ On the other hand maybe someone is manipulating him. Either one is worrying.”

Turn 28

Tatterdemalion looks around a little tapping his feet before asking “Why’s that officer?”
Korbin asks “Care to explain? Do I Have to know anything special about this place as I am newcomer?”

“Well,” the officer says, “This gun’s got a spell on it. And if this guy wasn’t a mage, he’s either got someone helping him kill other mages, or he somehow managed to steal a weapon someone’s enhanced. Either way it’s not good. Especially since I don’t recognize the resonance of the spell.”

Turn 27

Daedelus casually strolls off towards the crime scene. “Never seen him before in my life. Strange guy though. Didn’t seem to be one of us, but there was something…unnatural about him. Not a hint of death about him, either. Very odd.”

Tattdermalion follows on aimiably and looks around aimlessly. Korbin also follows silently.

The group returns to the crime scene and Daedalus leads them to a house. Nearby in the bushes, they find a high-powered rifle. The officer takes it carefully and looks over it. His brow furrows and his frown gets deeper.
“If he’s not one of us, we’re in deep shit.”

Turn 26

Tatterdemalion grumbles a little under his breath but shrugs and prepares to follow the others and actually follow them if they leave this turn. He looks at the newcomer (Korbin) and says “Aint’ seen you around before, you new in town?” then without waiting for an answer offers a grubby hand and adds “The name’s Tatterdemalion, s’a pleasure.”

Daedelus heads towards the door casually speaking as he goes, “Well I think the gunman’s the chap who I saw with a rifle, firing into the crowd, then legging it to this location. Just a hunch…”

“Have any idea who he was?” asks the officer as they leave the church and start heading back towards the scene of the crime. “Was he one of us?”

Turn 25

“Is that what this is about?”
Daedalus stands up from where he was hiding a short distance from Tatterdemalion, straightening his tie as he speaks.
“This your ‘gunman,’ Tatterdemalion? A respected member of the Mysterium?” groans the officer.
“I’m afraid there’s been a bit of a misudnerstanding, guys,” Daedalus says, “the gunman’s the chap that Mr. Overzealous here allowed to escape. Now as I was trying to explain, he left the murder weapon near the scene of the crime, from what I can tell, and if we hurry there might still be time to deal with it…”

“Great, another suspect. Well at least you have some evidence. Alright, lead the way. Don’t try anything funny though. And explain as you walk, who do you think’s the gunman?”

Turn 24

Tatterdemalion “I was talkin’ to some spirits. I heard the gunshots and investigated then Eater-of-the-Murdered told me that there was someone else with a gun seperate from da others. Then the poor guy was shot and I say this other guy fleeing the scene when he had been acting suspicious before. I followed ‘im here and he had a gun to the back of some defenseless guy.” Tatterdemalion looks around suspiciously trying to find the Mage, he’s worked out that he thinks the person before was trying to hide in the shadows, some kind of spell he’s not seen before. “I confronted him and he attempted to leave so I tried to hold him, he then revealed that he was a Mage and cast something. And now I’ve lost him.”

Virgil sighs, “Spirits again? You didn’t think hanging around with a murder spirit you’d end up in trouble? Well, let’s see if we can find this gunman and see if you’re not lying.”

Everyone feels the familiar tingling of a spell being cast nearby, coming from the direction of Korbin, who’s poking around the pews trying to see if he can find anyone.

Turn 23

Korbin peeks over Officer Virgil’s shoulder as Tatterdemalion shouts “Careful, he’s armed and still around here!” “Yeah, I’m sure,” sneers the copper. “Mind explaining what you were doing near the murder of William Tell?”

Turn 22

Tatterdemalion searches in the shadows for Daedalus, then hears a noise over near the other side door. He spins around to look, but at that moment the front door flies open. Officer Virgil sticks his head and gun in the door, with Korbin peeking over his shoulder. Spotting Tatterdemalion, the copper shouts “Freeze!”

Turn 21

Tatterdemalion looks surprised at the spell, but recovers enough to bark out “You’re a mage too, think all that power gives you the right to kill others, eh scum?”
He starts poking around the church, searching for Daedalus. In fact, though he hasn’t seen him yet, he’s about to head straight to Daedalus’ hiding spot.

Outside, Korbin smiles. “I can’t see through the walls,” he says, though of course as a mage what he’s saying is not a joke. He and the officer approach the church, pressed against the wall. The officer reaches towards the door…


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