Ruins of Streets of Stone

Turn 24

Tatterdemalion “I was talkin’ to some spirits. I heard the gunshots and investigated then Eater-of-the-Murdered told me that there was someone else with a gun seperate from da others. Then the poor guy was shot and I say this other guy fleeing the scene when he had been acting suspicious before. I followed ‘im here and he had a gun to the back of some defenseless guy.” Tatterdemalion looks around suspiciously trying to find the Mage, he’s worked out that he thinks the person before was trying to hide in the shadows, some kind of spell he’s not seen before. “I confronted him and he attempted to leave so I tried to hold him, he then revealed that he was a Mage and cast something. And now I’ve lost him.”

Virgil sighs, “Spirits again? You didn’t think hanging around with a murder spirit you’d end up in trouble? Well, let’s see if we can find this gunman and see if you’re not lying.”

Everyone feels the familiar tingling of a spell being cast nearby, coming from the direction of Korbin, who’s poking around the pews trying to see if he can find anyone.



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