Ruins of Streets of Stone

Turn 25

“Is that what this is about?”
Daedalus stands up from where he was hiding a short distance from Tatterdemalion, straightening his tie as he speaks.
“This your ‘gunman,’ Tatterdemalion? A respected member of the Mysterium?” groans the officer.
“I’m afraid there’s been a bit of a misudnerstanding, guys,” Daedalus says, “the gunman’s the chap that Mr. Overzealous here allowed to escape. Now as I was trying to explain, he left the murder weapon near the scene of the crime, from what I can tell, and if we hurry there might still be time to deal with it…”

“Great, another suspect. Well at least you have some evidence. Alright, lead the way. Don’t try anything funny though. And explain as you walk, who do you think’s the gunman?”



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