Ruins of Streets of Stone

Turn 30

“Witch hunters? What is that? Some kind of occult organisation? Anyway I hope we wont check every version, yeah?” asks Korbin.
“Well,” begins the copper, “Every once in awhile some sleepers somehow manage to find out about us. And as you imagine a lot of the time they’re not too happy. Especially the ones with a religious bent. Not a big problem usually, except that for some reason, when there’s one there’s usually more than one. And the fact that they can see through our magic and don’t just forget can be a problem.”

Tatterdemalion looks around suspiciously as if they’re being watched when they mention the suspect talking to someone, like he could suddenly see the person. “So are people offing us during amature dramatics?” he asks scratching at his face under the bandages. Tattderdemalion moves up and motions as if he wants to be given the gun for a closer look. The officer holds it out for him to see. Everyone feels a sense of magic go off and Virgil pulls the gun back quickly.
“What the hell did you just do?” he growls.



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