Virtue: Hope

Vice: Greed

Concept: Sales manager

Path: Mastigos

Order: The Silver Ladder


Intelligence ••○○○ Strength ••○○○ Presence ••○○○

Wits •••○○ Dexterity ••○○○ Manipulation ••••○

Resolve •••○○ Stamina ••○○○ Composure ••○○○



  • Medicine •••○○
  • Occult (Magic) ••○○○
  • Science ••○○○


  • Brawl •○○○○
  • Drive •○○○○
  • Larceny ••○○○


  • Empathy •○○○○
  • Expression •○○○○ (rote)
  • Persuasion (Fast-talk) ••••○ (rote)
  • Socialize (Formal events) ••••○
  • Subterfuge •○○○○ (rote)


  • Atlamtean High Speech •○○○○
  • Natural Immunity •○○○○ (+2 stamina rolls)
  • Sanctum •○○○○
  • Striking Looks ••○○○ (+1 Presense/Manipulation rolls)


  • Matter •○○○○ (inferior)
  • Mind ••○○○ (ruling)
  • Space •••○○ (ruling)

Other traits

  • Health 7/7
  • Willpower 5/5
  • Mana: 7
  • Gnosis: 2
  • Wisdom: 7
  • Size: 5
  • Defense: 2
  • Initiative mod: 4
  • Speed: 9


  • Matter – Detect Substance – p.195
  • Mind – Beast Control – p.207
  • Space – Avoidance Tactics – p.236


Background: There are tales about good friends. There are stories about bad guys. Mine is something in the middle. Or as i name it ‘complete chaos’. Friend of mine, Garry, he was an archeologist. One night he called me and this was not his usual ‘invitation to a party’ call. He worked under Ancient Egyptian tombs project. Always liked translate everything he saw into Egyptian alphabet. This time he needed my help. I thought it would be just one night, – Garry asked if he might to come, he had no place to go. It was the beginning. He was covered with blood everywhere when i opened the door. When we were students we have some fights with local bands, but what i’ve seen that night, it was walking fresh meat, not Garry. He entered. After taking a shower he was like anew. I started questioning him. Answers were crazy. Magic Order, Mastigos, Egyptian legends, Abyss, Essence – you know this things ordinary people refuse to believe. So did i. I let him stay, but if i’d not see him in the morning. The only thing stopped me to kick him oput the door was his apearance. Yes, we’d argued, i didnot trust him, i thought he was drunk or anything. But he was a friend. And someone kicked his ass that night. So, i had a mercy to let him stay. He told, told, told… till i fell asleep. And that night was the Night of my Awakening. I’ve already told this story. Flying Pyramids, caves, tables, ancient names, whisperes, dust and warm red light. So, When i woke up i couldn’t find him. Three years have passed. I’m still can’t find him. My road ‘ve led me to the St. Augustine, Florida. His works (found in his apartment in Cairo Three years ago) says something important is here. Something foundamental. And something that forced him escape and ask some help from an old friend…


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