Moros Philosophy Student


Virtue: Justice

Vice: Pride

Concept: Philosophy Student

Path: Moros

Order: The Mysterium


Attributes -

Intelligence 000XX Strength 00XXX Presence 00XXX
Wits 00XXX Dexterity 000XXX Manipulation 0XXXX
Resolve 000XX Stamina 00XXX Composure 0000X

Skills -

Mental Physical Social
Academics 000XX Athletics XXXXX Animal Ken XXXXX
Computer XXXXX Brawl XXXXX Empathy XXXXX
Crafts 00XXX Drive XXXXX Expression 00XXX
Investigation 00XXX Firearms 0XXXX Intimidation XXXXX
Medicine XXXXX Larceny XXXXX Persuasion XXXXX
Occult 0000X Stealth 000XX Socialise XXXXX
Politics XXXXX Survival 0XXXX Streetwise XXXXX
Science XXXXX Weaponry 0XXXX Subterfuge 00XXX

Specialties: Academics(Philosophy), Stealth(Crowds), Expression(Lectures)

Other Traits -

Arcana Merits Health
Death 000XX High Speech 0 0000000XXXXX
Fate XXXXX Resources 0
Forces XXXXX Status (Order) 0 Willpower
Life XXXXX Sanctum (Size) 0 0000000XXX
Matter 0XXXX Sanctum (Security) 00
Mind XXXXX Library 0 Gnosis
Spirit XXXXX
Space XXXXX Mana

10 X
9 X
8 X
7 0
6 0
5 0
4 0
3 0
2 0
1 0

Size: 5
Speed: 10
Defense: 3
Initiative Mod: 7

Full Character Sheet PDF


Real Name: Quentin Wilcox

Shadow Name: Daedalus

A post-graduate philosophy student, Quentin’s heavy fascination with the big question of death and the afterlife led to heavy study in the occult as part of an obsessive search for answers. As his understanding of various different belief systems increased, Quentin eventually reached a point in his thesis wherein he decided the answer must lie in experience. Recruiting the help of his medicl student flatmate, Quentin organised an experiment in which he would be rendered clinically dead for several minutes. The last thing he expected was to meet Anubis, offering him a pen with which to carve his name upon the inner wall of a burial chamber within the great temple…

He’s recently started investigating slightly less savoury areas as part of his research. In particular, he’s taken to hanging around areas of deaths and murders and the like, in the hopes of communicating with ghosts and spirits of death, the results of said conversations influencing various theories he’s put forth. Said theories have begun to lead to suspicion and disdain from some of his fellow academics, however, particularly at times when he’s mentioned his theories during tutorials.


General Clothing

Grey suit with black tie


Type Rating Strength Defense Speed Cost
Heavy Leather Jacket (Reinforced Clothing) 1/0 1 0 0 0


Type Damage Range Capacity Strength Size Cost
Walther PPK 1 10/20/40 7+1 1 1/p 0
Type Damage Size Durability Cost Notes
Khukri 2(L) 2/J 3 00 9 Again on targeted attacks/Path Tool


Ruins of Streets of Stone Aratos