Virtue: Faith

Vice: Gluttony

Concept: Spiritual Hobo

Path: Thyrus

Order: Free Council


Attributes -

Intelligence 00XXX Strength 000XX Presence 00XXX
Wits 00XXX Dexterity 00XXX Manipulation 000XX
Resolve 00XXX Stamina 000XX Composure 00XXX

Skills -

Mental Physical Social
Academics XXXXX Athletics 0XXXX Animal Ken 0XXXX
Computer XXXXX Brawl 00XXX Empathy 0XXXX
Crafts 00XXX Drive XXXXX Expression XXXXX
Investigation XXXXX Firearms XXXXX Intimidation 0XXXX
Medicine XXXXX Larceny 000XX Persuasion 00XXX
Occult 00XXX Stealth 00XXX Socialise XXXXX
Politics XXXXX Survival 00XXX Streetwise 00XXX
Science XXXXX Weaponry 0XXXX Subterfuge XXXXX

Specialities - Crafts (Trinkets) Occult (Spirits) Survival (Urban)

Other Traits -

Arcana Merits Health
Death XXXXX High Speech 0 00000000XXXX
Fate XXXXX Iron Stomach 00
Forces XXXXX Occulation 00X Willpower
Life 00XXX 00000XXXXX
Matter 0XXXX
Mind XXXXX Gnosis
Spirit 000XX
Space XXXXX Mana

10 X
9 X
8 X
7 0
6 0
5 0
4 0
3 0
2 0
1 0

Size: 5
Speed: 10
Defense: 2
Initiative Mod: 5


Description -

Real Name: John Fisher
Apparent Age: 30
Age of Awakening: 28
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Dull Grey
Nationality: British
Gender: Male

Despite now leading a much better life both materially and in regards to health he still wears cloths that are thematically those of a homeless person. Draped in rags and rough swaddling consisting of many layers. Greasy hair and face make an appearance every now and again if he has managed to struggle free of his excessive cloths. He has a light, open face, nearly always smiling and trying to make others feel at ease even if he feels awkward volunteering his own opinions on things.


Not always one of the many homeless in today’s society in fact once he was the son of a middle class family. However after his family moved over to the states their lives took a turn for the worse, soon he found himself on the streets his family shattered by debt and his mother dead by illness. He spend years on the streets making what money he could by constructing cheap toys and oddities and selling them to passers by. As time rolled on he found himself infected by the same illness that killed his mother and unable to afford the harsh medical prices in America. Now too weak to make his trinkets, he couldn’t even defend himself when the corrupt police officers came around looking for their weekly pay-off. They left him worse then usual. Although not critically wounded as he lay there his broken and bleeding body wracked with illness contemplating the bitter godlessness and unfairness of it all that he experienced his awakening.
He believes he was saved for a reason.


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