Ruins of Streets of Stone

Turn 20

Tatterdemalion says “Murders don’t get to walk free,” then lunges at Daedalus, trying to grab him. Daedalus manages to slip away and ducks into the pews in a shadowy corner of the church. Tatterdemalion feels the sensation of magic being cast.

Outside, Korbin approaches the church cautiously.
“Did you see something inside the church?” asks Virgil.

Turn 19

Tatterdemalion watches Daedalus as he passes by, frowning even more. “Like I’d let you go.”
Daedalus ignores Tatterdemalion, and opens the door. He lets it close again in his surprise when Tatterdemalion punches him in the back of the head, though.

Out on the street, Korbin notices the door to a church open and close again without letting anyone out.

Turn 18

“I understood and agree to make this deal you are talking about. I will help you, and you will help me,” Korbin says, meaning finding Mysterium Mages.

Tatterdemalion, in a fit of ill-thought out bravado moves to get in the way of Daedalus’ attempt to leave. “Like I’d believe such a pathetic cover story. I saw no gun on the other guy, he seemed more afraid ‘n’ scared to see us than ‘out else. Your the one who has been acting suspiciously. Maybe I am willing to believe your story, leave yeh gun behind we’ll go after that man right now. But otherwise I’m afraid I’m gonna have to ask ye to park yehself.”
He folds his arms stubbornly trying to stare Daedalus down.

“You’re standing in my way.” Daedelus shoves past Tatterdemalion, looking straight past him to the door. “He’s already got a head start on us. It’s unfortunate, but if you want to head after him then be my guest. The best clue we have to the situation lies back where he came from, though.”

Turn 17

Tatterdemalion looks suprised that he actually put the gun away and is a bit flatfooted by it. “I…eh, wha? I mean cough yeah, you better put that away you filthy murderer.” He stands but looks like he might dive back behind the pews again at any moment. “You seriously picked the wrong person to shoot you poor fool. But ah well if you’ll just wait there we’ll get all this sorted soon enough, they should be on their way by now.”
He pauses a moment as if unsure what to do, then gestures towards the door the other person just left through. “So why’d you want him dead as well then, shooting one person in cold blood not enough for yah?”
Daedelus chuckles at this. “Oh, I don’t want anyone dead. Just, you know, taking precautions seeing as he did shoot someone earlier and all. Nice of you to let him escape, by the way.”
Daedelus turns back towards the entrance. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I don’t think there’s anything left to do here.”

Outside, Korbin feels a bit like a third wheel as the two other mages finish conversing.
“Do you need my help?” he asks. “If not, where can I find someone to help me find Gary?”
“Well, I don’t need you here if you have something else to do,” the cop says, “but I would like you to stick around so that you can identify the hobo when we find him. As for your friend Gary, if he was an archeologist looking for something mystical, maybe the Mysterium might know. Doubt they’ll tell you very easily unless you’ve one of them, though.”

Turn 16

Korbin has been leading the police officer down the street, but it seems as though the homeless man is long gone.
A worried-looking, hippy-ish woman recognizes the policeman as they walk down the street, though.
“Officer Virgil, thank the goddess you’re here! Someone’s been murdered! One of us.”
“I know that already,” he says gruffly. “Have you seen Tatterdemalion recently?”
“Yeah,” she says, pointing down the street. “He went that way, he’s chasing the murderer now.”
“Did you see the murderer…(groan)...Starwind?
“Well, no,” she says…

In the church, Daedalus puts his gun away and holds up his hands in a gesture of peace. The penitent, meanwhile, escapes out the side door.

Turn 15

Tatterdemalion and Daedalus both jump away from each other, taking cover behind in the pews.
“Don’t move a muscle!” Tatterdemalion shouts. “Think I’d let you kill again scumbag? Put the gun down before I make you put it down!”“
The penitent’s head snaps up in shock. “Shit! They’re here! Lord, protect me!” He looks around wildly and starts to run towards a side door.

Turn 14

“Mundane and arcane, to tell the truth,” Korbin says, “I’m here to find a friend of mine, Garry, he was an archeologist, and worked here. He’s missing since my Awakening. I’d like if you help me. I stayed in Sunrise Inn Hotel.” He hands a card to the policeman. “Also if you need me I’m still in the town.”
The policeman takes the card. “Thanks. If you don’t have any other plans at the moment, do you think you could show me where the homeless guy went, and identify him for me if you see him?”

Tatterdemalion opens the church door and slides through. He notices Daedalus pointing a gun at a man who’s kneeling and praying. The man is so distracted that he doesn’t seem to notice either of the mages.
“I’m sorry Lord! Forgive me! I’ll go back and get it tonight!”

Turn 13

“Actually, yes, homeless guy is mage,” Korbin says, “But I think it quite strange. Our kin usualy tryes to keep the distance from murders. In such case i could only think it has supernatural nature, some kind of pervert sacrificial.”
“I’m not sure,” says the cop. “I’ve seen a lot of sacrifices but I’ve never seen one that uses a gun. Not to mention, the victim is also a mage, which makes this pretty disturbing. Of course, if the homeless guy is who I think he is, it could have been a payment to some sort of spirit. That guy’s always messing with those untrustworthy bastards. And trust a Free Counciler to kill one of their own…but, now, what about you?”
“I came to St. Augustine this morning, just my business,” Korbin says. “We have no official administrations, so i guess i’ve found Masters of the Art in the Cathedral.”
“Business?” asks the cop suspiciously, “What sort of business? Mundane or arcane? You have to admit it’s a bit suspicious for a new mage to show up in town the day another one is murdered…”

Meanwhile, Tatterdemalion emerges from a new-age “occult” shop. He looks around for a bit, and heads towards the church. A young woman leaves the shop behind him, flips the sign to “closed” and heads off in the opposite direction.

Turn 12

Daedalus turns around to address Tatterdemalion, but is surprised to find that he’s not there. At some point he must have slipped away or something. Maybe he wasn’t following you after all.
Putting the hobo out of his mind, he opens the church door and quietly slips inside…

Back at the crime scene, Korbin talks with the police. ’’We were following the masquerade, however after someone’s shot this poor guy we came closer, just curious, nothing special. We called the ambulance. You’ve arrived first.”
“No idea who may have shot him? Nothing out of the ordinary besides the shooting?”
“Well,” Sarah speaks up, “There was a weird, homeless-looking guy who went to look at the body. He went away pretty quickly when we came up.”
“I see,” the policeman says, calling his partner over. “Jones, you take her statement while I talk to this guy, OK?”
The other officer takes Sarah off to the side, leaving Korbin and the mage officer more or less alone.
“Tell me about the homeless guy,” the officer says quietly. “Was he one of us? And speaking of, who are you exactly? I haven’t seen you around before.”

Turn 11

Tatterdemalion continues to follow Daedalus, who it turns out is following another man. This second man seems totally unaware that he’s being followed. He heads straight to an nearby church and enters.

Back at the crime scene, Korbin takes closer look at the lying body. “I do not know, Sarah. He is modern homelesser, not from 16th century, don’t you think its a bit strange?”
There’s a loud siren as a police car pulls up. With the help of his mage sight, Korbin notices that the driver’s eyes light up with some kind of detection spell as he looks over at them. The cop tells his companion to start calming the crowd and walks over to Korbin. “What the hell happened here?”


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