Ruins of Streets of Stone

Turn 10

Daedalus moves off down the street. He notices Tatterdemalion leave the crowd and follow him, leaving Korbin and Sarah standing near the body.
Korbin stares after Tatterdemalion as he leaves, saying “They’ll be here in a minute. I think it’s safe, but if you want to hide behind the wall you can.”
“Well if you say it’s safe I guess I’ll stay here,” she says, still nervous. “The police might need a statement or something…what was up with that weird homeless guy?”

Turn 9

“It seems you also can get article under criminal section” Korbin smiles weakly. He pulls out his cellphone and dials for an ambulance. “Let’s come closer, Sarah,” he says, leading the way, “I hope no one’s hurt.”
“Are you sure?” she asks nervously as she follows. “Maybe we should get somewhere safer…”

The two of them approach the body and come across a homeless man who’s also near the body, staring at it and squinting. Korbin feels a twinge as a spell is cast very close by.

The crowd by this point is starting to panic. Many begin to run away, afraid of a potential shooter. Others are frantically shouting at the actors, trying to figure out what happened and how someone got shot with a fake gun.

Daedalus manages to break through the panicking crowd and begins to purposefully head back towards the center of the city.

Turn 8

Tatterdemalion looks up in digust and says “No real guns eh? Enough of this game. Name and Ban, now!”
He moves towards Daedalus, having notice him jump behind the wall right before the shooting, but all of a sudden Daedalus jumps over the wall again and takes off back towards the city, trying to fight through the crowd, who hasn’t yet noticed what’s happened.
“Oh my God, he’s been shot!” screams one of the actors. The crowd laughs nervously, unsure of whether this is part of the act or not. Of course he’s been shot.
“Jesus, someone call an ambulance!”
At this, they start to realize that something’s not right. They didn’t have ambulances in the 16th century. The actors stop firing at each other in confusion, walking over to the downed man. The crowd murmurs to itself, panic not yet having set in…
“Oh my God,” whispers Sarah, clutching Korbin’s arm, “Did someone get shot for real?”

Turn 7

“All you have to do is tell me and I leave you be, I have no reason to stop what yeh doin’,” Tatterdemalion says.

Dadaelus ducks behind the low cemetery wall and peeks over it.

Korbin continues his courtship, oblivious to the bizarre actions around him.

Honestly, this reenactment isn’t very good. The actors mainly stand still for a bit, shooting at each other before one falls over in a fake-looking death.
Well actually, I take that back. That last guy there was pretty realistic. He even brought along a blood capsule or something to pop when he “died.”

Turn 6

Tatterdemalion continues his conversation. “I don’t suppose your going to tell me where this guy is are you? There is the chance that if yeh tell me then you’ll lose out but that could happen anyways. Besides everyone knows that when someones tries to be a friggin’ hero people die anyway. It’d probably increase your chance for a meal in fact.”
After a few seconds standing still, seemingly focusing on nothing, he leaves his alley and walks to the crowd. The people around him shoot him dirty looks and move away, but he doesn’t seem to mind. “Soaking up the atmosphere then?” he asks his phone. “Seems like a good one. Mind if I ask your name?”
As the crowd passes through the gates, Tatterdemalion looks around nervously, seemingly looking for someone or something.

Korbin and the girl, who introduces herself as Sarah, continue to follow the crowd, chatting and exchanging numbers etc.

You’d think that sitting near the graveyard looking out at the ocean would be a good place for quiet and privacy, but not today. The crowd comes through the city gates and sets up a “battlefield” near the cemetery, disturbing Daedalus’ lunch break. He glances up sharply, then he looks at something above and behind the crowd’s heads, brow furrowed.

Turn 5

As the crowd passes, Tatterdemalion shakes his head and mutters “Bloody murder spirits confusing me.” His clothes fade back to normal as he bites into his sandwich and pulls out his phone.
“This is just a reconstruction, the guns shouldn’t even have real bullets. So even if someone is killed it’ll just be an accident and not a murder, you’re not going to get anything out of this.”

Korbin follows the parade and continues talking to the young lady, asking her about her job, about the article she’s writing and whether or not she’d like to have dinner tonight. She smiles and blushes at this handsome stranger’s attentions.
“I’m just a student at the college. History major, that’s why I have to write a report on the reenactment. I guess it would be alright if we went to dinner, Mr…?”

Turn 4

Daedalus continues chowing down.

Tatterdemalion looks confused for a moment, then concentrates. If anyone was watching, they’d see his clothes subtly change to blend in a bit better with the wall he’s standing against.

At this moment, the crowd finally passes his alleyway. There are two groups shooting olden-time muskets at each other, and a crowd of “normal” looking people following them. One of the groups is dressed like Stereotypical 16th-century Spaniards (and, indeed, are waving a Spanish flag). The other group is dressed like English pirates. It’s either some kind of reenactment or the strangest gang war you’ve ever seen.

Korbin has reached the crowd by now and asks someone what is going on.
“It’s the anual reenactment of the sacking of the city by English pirates,” she says, rolling her eyes. “Pretty lame, huh? I’m only here ‘cause I have to write a report on it.”

Turn 3

Korbin, having made it into the city limits by now, notices the ruckus. He parks his car and gets out to go investigate.

Daedalus ignores the noise. He sits on a bench, opens up his box and starts to enjoy his chili.

Tatterdemalion curses and puts his phone away. He backs into the alley, attempting to appear a harmless homeless man. He squints his eyes and concentrates, trying to feel nearby human life and notice any deaths.

The crowd continues down the street, coming right up on Tatterdemalion’s alley…

Turn 2

Across the Bridge of Lions, on Anastasia Island, Korbin walks out of his hotel room, gets in his rental car and starts to drive.

In the alleyway, Tatterdemalion speaks into his phone again. “Explain, late for what and where? Tell me what your name is!”

Meanwhile, the gunshots and shouting continue, moving further into the city, closer to Tatterdemalion…

Turn 1
The beginning...

Picture, if you will, a lazy Wednesday afternoon. The sun shines down on the state of Florida, specifically on the city of St. Augustine.

Daedalus, a young graduate student, steps out of a cafe, the take out box in his hands filling the nearby area with delicious, warm smells.

In a nearby alleyway, Tatterdemalion, a scruffy-looking homeless man wrapped in an unnecessary amount of clothing jabbers about strange things into a large, broken cell phone, his eyes focused on an empty spot on the ground. He pauses, then looks confused as he puts the phone back in his pocket and takes a bite out of his sandwich.

At this moment, shouting and several loud gunshots erupt from the direction of the city’s central plaza.


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