I’m not going to type up all the real-life history St. Augustine. If you’re really interested, you can find a general overview here

General Info

Being as old as it is, St. Augustine was not created with cars in mind. The main part of downtown is definitely designed for pedestrian travel, and in fact many streets are not even accessible by car and it’s nearly impossible to find a parking space (unless of course you are a student and can park at the college), especially during the summer.

All the bustle of the city vanishes at night. The streets are nearly empty, to an almost eerie degree. There may be some people in an outdoor restaurant, or on the deck of the local cigar lounge, but there is hardly anyone lounging around on the streets. Anyone on the streets has a definite destination. Nearly the only people who are out walking around for a long period of time are those taking one of St. Augustine’s many ghost tours.


Ruins of Streets of Stone Rickton