Former Hierarch (Thrysus): Adam

Adam has recently retired as Hierarch, being over 100 years old (his use of life magic has prolonged his lifespan, but 100 years is still 100 years). He has mostly retired from mage society as well, keeping to himself and his studies for the most part. There are rumors that he is attempting to reach Archmastery. Adam was a member of the Silver Ladder and was a fair, though conservative Hierarch. He also was (and ostensibly still is) a member of the Sons of Ponce, which some whisper may be part of the reason for his longevity.

Hierarch (Obrimos): Melissa Rogers

Melissa has only recently become Hierarch, a move which has given the Free Council some actual power in the city. Melissa is an extremely progressive Hierarch, viewing many of the trappings of the Consilium and mage society to be outdated. She does not have a shadow name, going by her real name instad. She has also opened up politics for all mages, allowing them to come and talk to her directly about issues, and giving the chance for any mage to make his voice heard in the Consilium. She’s also attempted to establish friendlier relations with the Privateers. Melissa is extremely well-liked by many of the younger mages but more tradition-bound mages think that many of her policies and actions are pointless at best and dangerous at worst.

Acanthus Councilor: Hermes

Hermes is a born politician. His poise and charm allow him to easily win others to his side. Unfortunately, he is often viewed as all style and no substance. Though he is a member of the Silver Ladder, Hermes is supportive of the Hierarch and the changes she is bringing to St. Augustine.

Thrysus Councilor: Ahaya

Ahaya is a member of the Adamantine Arrow. Though she thinks the Hierarch is being foolish and naive and taking too many security risks, she feels that the political turmoil in the Consilium is even more dangerous and tries to get the rest of the councilors to stop their bickering and actually get work done. For the most part she isn’t very successful.

Moros Councilor: Claudius

Claudius is a member of the Silver Ladder. He is annoyed at the new Hierarch’s policies and sees them as running completely counter to how mage society is supposed to function.

Mastigos Councilor: Damien

A powerful member of the Guardians of the Veil, Damien was widely thought to be next in line for Hierarchship until Melissa showed up on the scene. Because of this, and also because of her unconventional policies and views, Damien is very hostile towards her. He gives her the respect she commands as Hierarch, but just barely.


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