The Mysterium is very active in St. Augustine. The Oldest City is home to many secrets and mysteries and tends to draw Mysterium members from nearby. Because of this, the Mysterium has a disproportionate number of members compared to the other orders. It’s fairly common knowledge that many librarians in Flagler College’s library are Mysterium Curators. The library’s rare books collection hosts many tomes far rarer than any of the students would believe, though getting access to them is even rarer…

Adamantine Arrow:

The Arrow is fairly present in St. Augustine. The number of strange and powerful locales in and around the city as well as the presence of the Privateers means that St. Augustine can be a dangerous place, especially when an overly curious mage disturbs some ancient power buried in the city’s history.

Guardians of the Veil:

There are Guardians in the city, but, as usual, nobody knows what they’re up to or exactly how many there are.

Silver Ladder:

A few Silver Ladder mages are actually faculty at Flagler College, particularly in Philosophy. They attempt to engage their Sleeper students into thinking of higher truths in the hopes that their minds will open up to the mysteries of the universe, causing them to Awaken.

Free Council:

There is a very small, loosely organized Free Council presence in the city, though more mages have been joining them in recent years. The Council has recently gained some political power, however, due to the fact that the recently appointed Hierarch is one of their own.


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